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My name is Bill Thayer. I have had 9 hearts attacks in my lifetime—the first at 22 years old. Before I began using Pro Argi-9+ about 18 months ago, my heart's ejection fraction was at 25%—that is considered very serious congestive heart failure. At 4 scoops a day of Pro Argi-9 Plus for the last 18 months, my heart has literally "remodeled." My ejection fraction is now at 52%—the LOW NORMAL RANGE! My vascular system has completely opened up—the blockages are gone and I can actually FEEL MY LEGS! MY DOCTORS ARE COMPLETELY BAFFLED! I OWE MY LIFE—AT 78 YEARS OLD—TO PA9+! Bill Thayer, Aurora, Colorado


I was suffering with 5 to 6 major angina attacks every day—and they were progressively getting worse.  Doctors and nurses were telling me I needed to check into the hospital to get something done before it killed me—but I wouldn’t go.  My wife got me to try Pro Argi-9+.  I started right out using four scoops/day (two in the morning and two in the evening).  After only two days, the angina was completely gone!  I am so thankful for Synergy WorldWide, I owe my life to ProArg-9+.  I'll never stop using ProArgi-9+.  This is the greatest news yet and I’m going to do all I can to spread the word. Eric Madsen, Grand Junction, Colorado


RMHelpingHearts Distributor Training:

Announcing:  Phase I of our New Distributor Training Program.
We asked the TL Success Network to help us develop a distributor training program;
Our request included three simple conditions for the program:

  1. It must launch the new distributor’s business quickly with an easy to follow step-by-step program;
  2. It must be infinitely repeatable by people new to Synergy WorldWide’s products and/or opportunity;
  3. It must use upline support and inspire new distributors to automatically become leaders.

We’re happy to report, the new system has two phases; and, it’s awesome!
Phase I: Get started with a Party!” is based on Brian Carruthers’ new book: Building an Empire, “The Most Complete Blueprint to Building a Massive NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS”. Phase I implementation is already making an incredible difference in our ability to spread the word about the most exciting health and wealth news—ever!  Not only did we already surpass our best performance ever Success Network has dedicated their services to continue working with our whole team until each distributor that wants to participate reaches the goals/outcomes forecasted in the plan.

To get Phase I details you must be registered on our Forum; and, be a Synergy Distributor in the RMHelpingHearts (Roxanna Madsen’s) downline.  If you are so qualified, your copy of the Phase I training program is waiting for you in our: Distributor’s Forum.

Respectfully, Announcing—Phase II of our Distributor Training Program:
The 30-day GoPro Challenge!

Eric Wore (author of: Go Pro) challenged us to recruit 20 people within 30 days.  We’ve accepted that challenge; and, because we are new to such a challenge we got the TL Success Network to work with us to help us track and model our progress.  Through our experience with this challenge we are creating, Phase II of our Distributor Training Program: “The 30-day GoPro Challenge”.  As we progress through this Challenge, we’ll report our progress on our Distributor Forum.  We’re looking forward to seeing our new distributors testimonials there as well.  When we complete the Challenge, we’ll implement what we learn into our Distributor Training Program; so, we can help you (any of our distributors) when you’re ready to take the “30-Day GoPro Challenge!”

In Memory of, William Martin
May his service inspire us all to leave a Legacy

On the last weekday of May, 2014, we received the Synergy WorldWide blog post regarding William Martin’s passing.  We first heard about William from Bart Woodcook, at the 2012 Synergy Worldwide Business Builder; when Bart taught us his Taproot System.  There Bart shared his story about his meetings with William before William joined the Synergy WorldWide network team; they were obviously inspired by Dan Higginson’s challenge to, “Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy."  Their stories inspired the foundation of the TL Success Network.  We have been inspired by character and service of each of those men ever since.  We took the following quote from the memorial video posted on the Synergy WorldWide Blog honoring William Martin. May each of us follow William’s challenge to leave such a Legacy:

I believe firmly that we are going to create the largest and the biggest network marketing company on this planet. We have all the ingredients. We have the products, we have the corporate staff behind us, and most of all, we have the leadership in the field, and that’s you guys. We’re going to take this business to the top; it’s going to rock. We’re going to have the ride of our lives. It’s going to go with or without us. Now, let’s go make sure it’s with us.

As we heard William Martin make that Challenge at the beginning of that memorial video (listen) we were reminded of the groundswell of a gigantic wave that is about to spread over the entire world.  Everything you need is primed and ready for you to Catch that Wave and leave your own Legacy.