Welcome to our Customer Rewards Forum!

For sharing information, experiences and questions about the Synergy Worldwide Customer Rewards Program.
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Welcome to our Customer Rewards Forum!

Postby RDM » Fri May 30, 2014 2:01 pm

:h: Hello and Welcome Synergy WorldWide Customers!
This forum is dedicated to helping people learn about and maximize the Synergy Worldwide Customer Rewards Program that was rolled out on June 1, 2014.
Please feel free to share your experiences with the program here; or,
If you have any questions about Customer Rewards Program, please feel free to ask; to post a question, just click: “POSTREPLY” below.

Also, if you have not already visited our website at RMHelpingHearts.com, please check it out. You’ll find several linked images there:
  1. The Miracle Molecule” links you to our website that provides more information about the common need for the Miracle Molecule ‘Nitrous Oxide’ and helps you understand why ProArgi-9 Plus provides that necessary molecule to your system better than any other product available. The Miracle Molecule site also provides testimonials from ProArgi-9 Plus users and a link to our store;
  2. The Synergy Advantage” takes you to our “Synergy Worldwide” page where you can learn more about: the Synergy Advantage, the Synergy Worldwide product line, how ProArgi-9 Plus keeps your cardiovascular system in top shape and the Synergy Compensation Plan available to those that want to take advantage of the incredible business opportunity Synergy WorldWide provides;
  3. Start your own Business” links you directly to our “Initial Order” page; where you can place your initial qualifying order and register as a new Synergy Worldwide distributor under RMHelpingHearts;
  4. The ABC’s of ProArgi-9+ and more” option links you to a Portfolio of downloadable documents and resources provided to help you learn more about ProArgi-9+;
  5. Shop for ProArgi-9+ and other Synergy products” links you directly to our Synergy WorldWide store; where you can order, wholesale, anything from the Synergy Worldwide Preferred Customer product line; and,
  6. The Incredible “Customer Rewards Program” links should be self explanatory.
Each of those resources are provided to help you learn about our services and products (like, ProArgi-9+) and their ability to improve your health and financial resources. So, if you have a question about ProArgi-9+ or a success story, we encourage you to post such stories or inquiries here on this page. However, if you just want to look around for a while, please enjoy yourself as you do; and when you are ready, just let us know how we can help through any of the means provided on our site.

Again, Welcome to our Forum and remember, we look forward to hearing from you when you are ready; so, when you need help or input, please let us know what you need.

Sincerely, Roxanna. :t^:

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