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Welcome to the RMHelpingHearts.com Forum

Postby Admin » Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:41 am

As an independent Distributor for Synergy WorldWide, RMHelpingHearts is dedicated to helping people learn about the incredible opportunities available through the Synergy WorldWide business opportunity. The most exciting thing about this opportunity is its well rounded ability to enhance every aspect of success, anyone could desire. Because Synergy WorldWide’s Advantage is so unique in the marketplace, distributors are able to bring with them both financial and physical health; and, those changes are so dramatic that the distributor has the opportunity to share in the happiness and joy of the people with whom they work. The freedom, health and wealth bring to distributors, their families and friends also brings free time wherein they can enjoy life.

For those ready to get started our website, at RMHelpingHearts.com, provides a direct link to “Start your own Business”; which takes you to the Initial Order page; where you can place your Activating Order and register as a new Synergy Worldwide distributor.

Respectively, this “Synergy Business Opportunity” sub-forum is dedicated to helping people that are potentially interested in becoming Synergy WorldWide distributors but still have a few questions they want to get answered first. So, if you have either a question about the business opportunity or a success story regarding that opportunity, we encourage you to post such stories or inquiries here in this sub-forum.

By now, you may already know that not only does Synergy WorldWide provide the finest quality products in the world, they also have one of the most incredible compensation plans available. Perhaps that is why when the rest of the world’s network marketing industry has a 3% retention rate, Synergy WorldWide has a 53%+ retention rate.

This opportunity is truly unlimited and your actual results are directly related to your applying the program. So, if you’re ready to take the next step and become a Synergy distributor simply select the link to: “Start your own Business.”

If you are already a Synergy distributor in the RMHelpinHearts.com line, click on this link: “Introduction Portfolio to get your copy of our new “Launch your Business” training program.

Again, Welcome to our Forum, and please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the Synergy business opportunity; just click: “POSTREPLY” below.

Again, Welcome to our Forum.

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Re: Welcome to the RMHelpingHearts.com Forum

Postby Calbear93 » Mon Jun 09, 2014 2:02 pm

How can we see the compensation plan?

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Re: Welcome to the RMHelpingHearts.com Forum

Postby RDM » Sat Jun 14, 2014 2:45 am

:h: Calbear93:
We're glad you asked that question; because, it is a common question we hear a lot; yet the answer is provided by Synergy WorldWide on their publicly available corporate site; as follows:
In summary, Synergy WorldWide wrote:When you imagine the future, what do you see? The same old daily grind, or financial independence, personal freedom, and the ability to choose how to spend your time each day?

If wealth and freedom are your goals, Synergy's Mega-Match compensation plan will help you achieve them. This unique plan pays out an amazing 55 percent of commissionable sales after paying Fast Start and Elite Rebate each month. No other industry plan can match this.
Even better, this compensation plan enables you to make money in seven ways, giving you the opportunity to meet your personal financial goals and achieve monetary success. We invite you to review our plan and reflect on how it can positively impact your life.

Compensation Plan
    Weekly Payout
  1. Retailing Product: Purchase products to resell, either in packs or individually, and earn a suggested 30 percent markup.
  2. Fast Start Bonus: Earn a Fast-Start Bonus on all upgrade and Activation orders of personally sponsored Team Members.
  3. Elite Rebate: Receive a 25 percent rebate on all personal and customer product sales placed above the monthly Elite qualification sales requirement.

    Monthly Payout
  4. Basic Commission: Receive up to 10% commission of your weak leg volume* through all levels of your organization.
  5. Mega-Match: Match up to 100% of all basic commissions earned by your personally sponsored downline.
  6. Leadership Bonus: Earn a percentage of your strong leg volume based on weak leg volume.
  7. Global Share Bonus: When you reach 400,000 CV in weak leg volume, you can participate in a share of total company CV.
*Total group purchases.

On that page, Synergy also provides a link to a PDF copy of the full Plan; which you can download by clicking this link: Compensation Plan.

Still, we prefer a simple one page color graphic summary of the plan; which we are providing you through this link: Comp. Plan Summary.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
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